Jon Lazo

Here’s my story…

I’m Jon Lazo owner and founder of Jonlazofitness. I’m driven by my purpose, my passion, and my why: That is, to help you and hundreds of others toward living a healthier lifestyle. People know me as the transformation specialist. I’ve helped hundreds of people around the world gain muscle, lose body fat and become stronger and more toned with my 8 week online programs.

You see, this all started when I was about 18 years old and has now become part of my lifestyle for over half a decade. Fitness literally changed my life. Growing up I was very tall, frail and skinny. And to top it off, I lacked confidence. In my junior year of high school, I started actively going to the gym because my wrestling/football coach said I had to put on more muscle and get stronger if I wanted to become a better athlete. Sports for me became my sanction and I used fitness to help make me become a better athlete. This was the start of something great. The more and more I went the more confident I became and the stronger I became. Years later, my passion for working out became my carrier as a fitness trainer. I worked long hours helping others create the best version of themselves.


Then something happened when I was 22 years old. My mother passed away unexpectedly. Unfortunately, due to my mother’s severe depression and unhealthy lifestyle, it lead to a drug overdose. I felt like my life completely flipped upside down. I went into a severe depression and felt the happiness I had for life fade away. What kept me somewhat sane was fitness. It became my outlet and I fell in love with the industry. I use my mother’s death as a lesson of the importance of quality of life. Never take your health and happiness for granted. If you’re unhappy with the way you feel physically and emotionally never be afraid to use fitness as your outlet as I did. Through my mother’s death, it has given me a new purpose, a purpose that calls for helping others before it’s too late. Fast forward a year later, I was a thriving personal trainer. However, I realized I had to give up the one on one personal training scene. I was becoming burnt out, but above all, I realized I was only helping a handful of people. Therefore, something had to give, so I quit my job and began learning about running an online business and marketing. I created a new vision for myself and figured if I created an online business, I could help hundreds of lives around the world. Teach people how to live a healthy balanced life through working out and proper nutrition. I believe the fundamental key to happiness is giving, something my mother taught me.

The biggest thing I’ve learned in life is to listen to your purpose and to discover your passion. Purpose is the reason you embark on a journey. Passion is the fire that lights the way. Once you listen to your purpose and aligned it with your passion you then embrace the power the change anything you set your mind to.

My overall goal with this site is to provide you with highly valuable information and tips. I will cover topics like how to build lean muscle, how to lose body fat, how to exercise more effectively, how to eat better, (but with flexibility) and how to become the best version of YOU. This site is about answering YOUR questions to help YOU. Because, I want to bring the best information to you more directly. I want to pair you with workout plans, meal plans, motivation, and much more!

I want you to feel welcomed, fulfilled, and inspired by all the information and tools every time you complete one of my workouts. At first, this site might seem like it’s about me, and my life, but in reality, it’s about YOU. It’s about helping you become the best version of yourself both physically and mentally. It’s about how I can help change YOUR life positively forever.

So thank you for visiting Jonlazofitness. I’m here to help inspire YOU and motivate YOU and keep YOU determined to transforming your life. We’re in this together! Any questions you ever have please don’t hesitate to contact me!