French's Mustard had experienced a decline and was lacking a clear vision of the modern consumer. They were in a battle with Heinz and the speciality market for mustard and ketchup, and needed to reframe their offering and elevate their usage. Creating a campaign that showed these products as a spark for relationships, we moved consumers beyond what they expected and into a new realm of possibility.

We uncovered key emotional insights and repositioned French's as the spark that ignites the magical relationship between food and people. With this new focus, we created an integrated campaign across TV, Digital, Print and In-Store, highlighting new flavors, receipes and the shared moments that make them special.


INCREASED Sales by 15%

After Two Weeks: 

  • Outperformed desktop display click-thru-rate benchmark by +79%

  • Outperformed mobile display click-thru-rate benchmark by +23%

  • Achieved 5% increase in purchase intent directly attributable to our plan

  • 3.4MM+ online views, and 4K+ social likes