West Point was looking to increase followers and engagement across their social media platforms. We took over their Instagram and Facebook accounts, curating content and managing growth, resulting in a rapid increase in organic and genuine engagement across platforms.

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We launched a hashtag storytelling campaign featuring cadets at West Point and their stories. This campaign was viral and facilitated engagement and conversation around individual stories.   

Coach K #cadetsofwestpoint Feature

We were able to interview Coach K, a West Point Alumni, on his experience as a cadet and what lessons from that time he has carried with him, creating a viral piece of content.

Increased Followers by 81%

Video Views 104,200 +559%

Total Likes 32.9K +23.7K or 257%

AVG Likes 800 +68%

Post Engagement 146,720 +95%

Total Comments 450 +317 or +238%

Reach 942,544 +100%

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